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Slovenský Čuvač (Slovak Chuvach) and us

Everything has started on 20 October 1995, when seven white puppies (2 male and 5 female dogs) were born at Ing. Bohuslav Bečvář´s breeding station “z Dlouhých drah”. The love to such a gorgeous creature, that Čuvač certainly is, is being with us all the time. Who has ever had Čuvač, certainly would agree that one would never change the wonderful Čuvač for any other breed. We fell in love with dog for his fabulous character and for having him as an excellent company and friend. The first dog came to us as Irro z Dlouhých drah. We have participated in many dog shows and passed some examinations from docility with him. He is proud of title of the Champion of the Czech Republic, the Veteran champion of the Czech Republic and the Veteran champion of Slovakia.

Ms. Ingrid Mikulášová presented a magnificent female dog of Čuvač called Xantipa “Biely démon” (White Demon) at the Intercanis show in 1998 and we reserved a puppy with her, because we decided to acquire a girlfriend to Irro. On 1. September 1998 five beautiful puppies (male dogs) were born to Xantipa. A girlfriend or a boyfriend to Irro - it’s no problem. The main thing is we will have a puppy and finally it would happen. At the end of October 1998 we brought a puppy called Chaton Biely demon at home. Irro and Chaton became an inseparable pair and best friends. Of course, we participated in few dog shows with Chaton and he succeded up to the Champion of the Czech Republic and the Champion of Slovakia titles.

Time flew away and we lived through beautiful moments with our Čuvač friends. We participated in various dog shows, where we met many people who shared our love to Čuvač dogs. Our dogs kept the company with us on many trips and everyday walks. Shortly we were together all the time.

Irro’s daughter became a new member of our pack. She was born at Mirka Dobešová’s breeding station on 16. January 2005 and her name is Daisy Bílé království. Daisy has brought a full life into our family, because since a puppy she has been everywhere. She enjoys life and is full of energy. She has become an excellent sporting dog. Daisy loves water most of all, she enjoys running, fetching and welcomes any new activity.

By coincidence we became masters of a small puppy who was born at very successful Alena Sklenářová’s breeding station of Slovenský Čuvač on 2. April 2006. At the end of May 2006 we brought Ugar z Farmy Zbiroh at home. Ugar is a very friendly dog who has got all his life in front of him.

On July 2006 we traveled to Slovakia to Jana Goliášová’s breeding station to choose another Čuvač puppy. On Slovakia we spent few beautiful days and we have chosen a female puppy. Her name is Greis Janin ranč and she was born on 22 May 2006.

So the number of dogs in our pack included 2 adult breed male dogs, one breed female dog, one young male and one female dog.

Daisy successfully passed the animal muster and it was her first step to breeding station “Orlický Talisman”. Why such name? As we live in foothills of Orlické hory (Orlické Mountains) and everyone should belong to somewhere. And why does it called Talisman? That’s why our puppies should bring pleasure and love to each of their keepers.

We waited to see the first delivery of Čuvač puppies on 31. December 2006. Our Daisy became a mum of 10 splendid puppies. I should thank very much to Dana Štruplová who is the keeper of a male dog Art Zdislavy z Lemberka who is the father of glorious puppies. This date happened to be a historical date of our breeding station as the first Talismans were born to the world.

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