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Training of Slovenský Čuvač (Slovak Chuvach)


We can train Slovenský Čuvač according to the national testing rule and can acquire excellent results during the training. Čuvač manages all exercises of obedience and scent. He can reach magnificent results in defense if a figurant provides good job.

As with any other breed we start training from a puppy and consequently we order him more behaviors of obedience. We don't have to repeat the training, because the dog understands very quickly what he should do. He passes fluently over from simply training to more difficult one.

Each dog should know basic commands such as: recall, sit, down, stay and heel (loose-leash walking).

A reward from satisfied Master is very important for the dog during the training. As a reward a dainty, a lovely approbation, or playing with the dog can be used. A good relationship between the dog and his owner is a basis for good results of training and it is the same if the dog is trained at home or at dogs’ training ground.

This information has been prepared for interested people and Slovak Čuvač handlers who would like to learn more about this dog breed training. We are glad to show you that with Čuvač you are able to do service training, agility and many other sports. Čuvač will be pleased to go with you for a walk to the nature at any weather. He is glad to be with you if the sun shines, it rains or snows, because he is in charge of its “human pack”. If he gets the right treatment he will reward you with immense love and devotion during all his life.

Exercises of basic obedience

Recall – We start training immediately after we bring the puppy at home. The puppy will be happy to follow you and will appreciate any praise or dainty.

Sit – The dog stands next to your left leg and when saying “sit” we softly press on his back to make him to sit down.

Sedni Sedni

Down – This exercise is best to be trained when the dog sits next to your left leg. We say “down” and by soft pressing of our hand on his back we make him to lay down and at the same time we put the right hand with dainty in front of the dog on the ground.

Lehni Lehni

Stand up – The dog is sitting next to the owner and after command “stand up” we uplift him slightly by the hand placed in the dog’s flank.

Stay (put the dog away) – We train it in the position “down”. We say “stay or wait” and the owner goes away from the dog just for few meters. Then he/she comes back and gives the dog dainty. Gradually we extend the distance and time of the dog’s stay. If the dog stands up and follows us it is necessary to go with him back on the previous position and repeat the exercise.

Loose-leash walking – The dog is sitting next to the owner with a leash. We say “to the leg” and the handler goes ahead with a light pressure of the leash. By the leash we coordinate the dog to follow us.

Chůze u nohy Chůze u nohy

The other exercises are good for your dog: barking, creeping, hurdles, fetching, scent a trail, defense etc.

Recall with re-sitting:

Přivolání s přesednutím

Sit – by the gesture:

Sedni - posuňkem ruky Sedni - posuňkem ruky

Down – by the gesture:

Lehni - posuňkem ruky Lehni - posuňkem ruky

Stand up – by the gesture:

Vstaň - posuňkem ruky

Barking on command:

Štěkání na povel Štěkání na povel

Free walking by the leg:

Chůze u nohy na volno Chůze u nohy na volno

Emission dog ahead and recalling dog back:

Chůze u nohy na volno Chůze u nohy na volno


Aport Aport Aport Aport


Plazení Plazení

Balancing bar:

Kladina Kladina


Žebřík Žebřík


Áčko Áčko


Stopování Stopování

Indication of finding subject on the trail – by lying on it and barking:

Označení nalezeného předmětu na stopě – zalehnutí a vyštěkání Označení nalezeného předmětu na stopě – zalehnutí a vyštěkání

Defense - Biting in a rag:

Kousání na hadr Kousání na hadr
Kousání na hadr Kousání na hadr

Defense - Biting in a “pešek”: (“pešek” is a textile stick)

Kousání na peška Kousání na peška

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